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Author's description:
Description Eng:

"An allegorical painting about eternal and universal calling of man to spirituality.
Anthropological phenomenon, the act of pilgrimage involves the passage of time and space, sacred through suffering and deprivation.
Through colors and compositional elements, I sought to capture the deep, symbolic meaning of the phenomenon, combining the artistic style of abstract expressionism with the symbolism as a manner of work.
The idea of pilgrimage is not used in the common sense of the word, as a simple religious procession to a sacred place, but I sought to look at things from a higher perspective, extrapolating the reality ...
Thus, the landscape located in an undetermined time and space is a way of hope, and the basilica invested in light speaks of aspiration to the higher.
From the earth and the green grass,the human beings,"the pilgrims",gather together at a misterious time, in the place situated at the boundaries between the worlds,to charge their soul with Light."

Tehnical description:
Technique - Oil on plywood 50 x 40 cm.
Finished in year 2017- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan 
This artwork comes from the "World and society"Collection.
©  Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

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Descriere Autor:

"Un tablou alegoric despre eterna  si universala chemare a omului catre spiritualitate.
Fenomen antropologic,actul pelerinajului presupune parcurgerea timpului si spatiului,sacralizate prin suferinta si privatiuni.
Prin culori si prin elemente de compozitie,am urmarit sa surprind sensul adanc,simbolic,al fenomenului,imbinand stilul artistic de abstract expresionism cu simbolismul ca maniera de lucru.
Ideea de pelerinaj nu este folosita in acceptia comuna a cuvantului,ca simpla procesiune religioasa catre un loc sacru,ci am cautat sa privesc lucrurile dintr-o perspectiva mai inalta,extrapoland realitatea...
Astfel,peisajul situat intr-un timp si spatiu nedeterminat e un drum al sperantei,iar basilica invesmantata in lumina vorbeste despre aspiratia catre inalt.
Din pamant si iarba verde,fapturile omenesti "pelerinii" se aduna la ceas de taina in locasul aflat la margine de lumi pentru a-si incarca sufletul cu lumina."

Descriere tehnică:

Tehnica - Ulei pe placaj 50 x 40 cm .
Finalizat in anul 2017- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Lumea si societatea"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

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