29 sept. 2016

Lovers in Paris


"Lovers in Paris"
-Lovers,walking in the streets of
Paris under a rainy sky ,at the beginning of autumn-

Author's description:
Description Eng:

"Romantic by excellence, Paris is also the city of the lights for the enlightened minds that have lived here since the Enlightenment.Ration and feeling under the auspices of one of the most famous architectural pieces in the world. The Eiffel Tower. The meeting place for lovers becomes a high vibrational space under the cool autumn rain."

Tehnical description:

Technique - Oil on cardboard 40 x 30 cm .
Finished in year 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan 
This artwork comes from the "World and society" collection.
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

-Available for sale-

"Indragostiti in Paris"
-Indragostiti, mergând pe străzile din
Paris sub bolta unei ploi, la începutul toamneie.-
Descriere Autor:
Descriere Ro:

"Romantic prin excelenta,Parisul este si orasul luminilor pentru mintile luminate care au trait aici inca din perioada iluminismului.Ratiune si sentiment,sub auspiciile uneia dintre cele mai faimoase piese de arta arhitecturala din lume.-turnul Eiffel.Loc de intalnire pentru indragostiti,devine un spatiu de inalta vibratie sub ploaia racoroasa de toamna."

Descriere tehnică:

Tehnica - Ulei pe carton 40 x 30 cm .
Finalizat in anul 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Lumea si societatea"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

-Disponibil spre vanzare-

15 sept. 2016

Cotroceni Park

-Zoom Photo-
Reality Photo from year 2016...

Author History description:
"Cotroceni Park"
Description Eng:

Romniceanu Park seen from above,after the "Hill of the Death"
This painting easily deformed the real,current state of this park.So,the park was rendered and interpreted in a personal manner,through the atmosphere of the memories,when I was a child and crossing it after leaving school,on my way home to Cotroceni district in Bucharest.

I remember as if it were yesterday...when the end of autumn was whispering about the coming of winter,I often had the feeling of a calm that transposed me to a state of deserted soul.
While walking through this park,a state of mind as if time ceased to elapse,surprised me hardly,leaving me a feeling that there were moments similar to post apocalyptic postures,somewhere far from civilization,but also a strange ,overwhelming silence.Which I would not have liked to detach.

I often stayed here for a few moments on my way home,at the end of school hours,admiring the panoramic view offered by the hill of this park over the Cotroceni Forests.Hill called by the local people  of that time"The Hill of the Death"It was so named by us ,being the dangerous place where children often suffered violent accidents in winter when they were sledging...or even in summer,hanging old car tyres in trees,as a swing.Overpassing the hill on flattened plastic bottles,sitting on the bottom down to the ground.Where they played during autumn on the mountains of fallen leaves...or often built improvised huts from the branches of the trees.

Listening to the song of the birds ready to go to warmer places and admiring the dancing of the leaves that landed one by one on the ground,often the wilderness and the charm of the Cotroceni forests seen from here managed to revive my deep melancholy states and developed my imagination,in a profound way about what students from their grandparents from the countryside were talking about.Things I could understand ...and I only live out of imagination because of Mark Twain's literary works_"The adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn".I do not have parents at the countryside ,or at least acquaintances.

Tehnical description:
Technique - Oil on cardboard 29 x 30 cm .
Finished in year 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan 
This artwork comes from the "World and society" collection.
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

(This artwork is currently, in the artist's personal collection,being unavailable for purchase)

"Parc Cotroceni"
Descriere Ro :
Parcul Romniceanu vazut de sus , dupa "Dealul mortii"...
Aceasta pictura a fost usor deformata de starea reala, actuala a acestui parc. Astfel parcul fiind redat si interpretat in maniera personala, prin atmosfera amitirilor de atunci cand eram copil si il traversam,plecand de la scoala, in drumul meu spre casa parinteasca a cartierului Cotroceni din Bucuresti.

Imi aduc aminte de parca ar fi fost ieri..., cand sfarsitul de toamna, soptea venirea iernii  , aveam adeseori senzatia unei linisti ce ma transpunea puternic spre pustiu sufletului .
O data cu trecerea prin acest parc, o stare de parca timpul ar fi ramas in loc ma surprindea apasator,lasandu-mi senzatia ca traiesc clipe similare starii post apocaliptice,undeva departe de civilizatie, dar totodata isi punea amprenta o liniste ciudata...,coplesitoare din care n-as fi dorit sa ma desprind... 

Deseori ma opream aici pentru cateva momente din drumul meu spre casa, la finalul orelor scolare,admirand imaginea panoramica oferita de dealul acestui parc peste codrii Cotrocenilor.
Deal numit de noi localnicii zonei ( de atunci...)"Dealul Mortii".

Acesta era supranumit astfel, de noi , fiind locul periculos in care copiii sufereau des accidente violente pe timpul iernii atunci cand se dadeau cu sania... sau chiar pe timpul verii,agatand cauciucuri vechi de masina in copaci ,pe post de leagan ori dandu-se peste deal asezati pe sticle din plastic turtite,aflandu-se asezati pe fund,pana jos.
Jos unde acestia se jucau toamana in muntii de frunze cazute din copaci sau deseori construiau cabane improvizate din crengile cazute prin parc.

Ascultand cantecul pasarilor gata sa plece spre locuri mai calde si admirand dansul frunzelor ce se asterneau una cate una pe pamant ,deseori salbaticia si farmecul panoramic al codrilor Cotroceni  vazute de aici ,reuseau sa-mi rascoleasca stari de melancolie profunda si imi dezvolta imaginatia intr-un mod profund in legatura cu ceea ce povesteau elevii veniti din vacantele de la bunicii lor aflati la tara. Lucruri pe care reuseam sa le inteleg... si traiesc doar din imaginatie ,datorita operelor literare ale lui Mark Twain -Tom Sawyer si Huckleberry Finn , eu neavand parinti la tara sau macar cunostinte..."

Descriere tehnica:
Tehnica - Ulei pe carton 29 x 30 cm .
Finalizat in anul 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Lumea si societatea"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys No
(Această lucrare  face parte din colectia personala a artistului ,fiind indisponibila momentan spre vanzare)

3 sept. 2016

Touching the soul

"Janis Lyn Joplin"
Author's description: 
Description Eng:

"Janis Joplin on the stage,in front of a public under the spell of her music that touches their souls."
Shipping informations :
Technical description:

Technique - Oil on cardboard 30 x 40 cm.
Finished in year 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan .
This artwork comes from the "Personalities and people" Collection
© Copyright Reserved by 
Noktys -Nokte.

Art Brokerage valuation:
Price : - 1430      Estimate price:-  1500-1650 €

Author price is :  
1250 € 
Sold for offer:950  
"Janis Lyn Joplin"

Autor: Descriere:

Descriere Ro :

"Janis Joplin pe scenă, în fața publicului sub vraja muzicii sale ,atingandu-le sufletele"

Descriere tehnica:

Tehnica - Ulei pe carton 30 x 40 cm .
Finalizat in anul 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan.
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Personalitati si oameni"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte.

Art Brokers evaluare:
Preț:- 1430        Prețul estimat:-  

1500-1650 €

Prețul autorului este:
-1250 € 

Vândut pentru ofertă: 950 €

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