3 aug. 2016


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Author History description:

Description Eng:
Same as when love hurts,and hurt comes from the person you love,this sunflower is burned by that whose name it bears and after that looks through the window,illuminating her "death"...
Enigmatic and turned back on the self, these vegetal beings seem to embody the consciousness of their own value ... their status as entities capable of generating life...
Tehnical description:
Technique - Oil on cardboard 40 x 30 cm .
Finished in year 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan 
This artwork comes from the "Flowers and plant" collection.
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

(Available to sale)

"Floarea soarelui"
Descriere Ro :
La fel ca atunci cand iubirea doare iar durerea provine de la cei pe care ii iubesti... , aceasta floare a soarelui este parjolita de cel caruia- i poarta numele... si apoi privita prin geam de el luminandu-i "moartea"...
Enigmatice si intoarse asupra sinelui, aceste fiinte vegetale par sa intruchipeze constienta propriei valori...statutul lor de entitati capabile sa genereze viata...

Descriere tehnica:
Tehnica - Ulei pe carton 40 x 30 cm .
Finalizat in anul 2016- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Flori si plante"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys No
(Disponibil spre vanzare)

2 comentarii:

  1. An amazing association with love, life and death!
    Congratulations for this masterpiece and the sublime description!

  2. An old Romanian legend associates this mysterious flower to a voivode"s daughter...of a ravishing beauty,but dumb,this girl was kneeling down in front of the Sun,waiting beseechingly the kiss that could have given her back the voice.Full of jealousy,the Moon turned this girl into a flower.Since then,since those legendary times,silent and sad,this vegetal being turns her face to the beloved star all day long,waiting patiently a miracle that only the love could accomplish.The sunflower from this painting seems to me the symbol of a tragic destiny,assumed by a being,be it vegetal,to be hurt just by the person whom she loves.


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