23 sept. 2015

Harvest time

"Harvest time"
Author's description:
Description Eng:

"I made this painting of the thought that, living in a reality under the sign of the hourglass, there was a time for everything, as the wise Solomon says in his confessions in the Ecclesiast.
In the abstract expressionist manner I tried to give the subject an allegorical dimension, the harvest meaning the result of a miracle to which both heaven and earth cooperate.
The miracle of the marvellous seed able to hundredfold itself to nourish all the living creatures,the miracle of capturing the cosmic energies  are  meant to stay in the light of the earth laborer"s hard work.Country...countryman...countryside
The myth of the sacrifice underlying any creation,whether material or spiritual, is embedded in the composition of the painting and can be revealed by the eyes of a careful viewer.
The rich crop on the root,waiting to be harvested is the symbol of a cosmic sacrifice that the Roman peasant understands  and appreciates when,holding the bread in his hand he breaks it into pieces to feed the loved ones.
In the Romanian spirituality ,the harvest does not offer food only to the body,but to the soul,too.

As a descendant of the Dacians, a people of farmers who for 4000 years continue to feed Europe with the rich fruit of a rich land, as an artist, I labor in the field of art and I hope to bring some warmth to your souls through this color game ..."

Tehnical description:
Technique - Oil on cardboard 30 x 40 cm.
Finished in year 2015- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan 
This artwork comes from the "World and society"Collection.
©  Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

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"Vremea recoltei"

Descriere Autor:

"Am realizat aceasta pictura patruns de gandul ca ,traind intr-o realitate aflata sub semnul clepsidrei,exista o vreme pentru toate,asa cum spune inteleptul Solomon in confesiunile sale din Ecclesiast.
In maniera abstract expresionista am incercat sa dau subiectului o dimensiune alegorica,recolta insemnand rezultatul unui miracol la care conlucreaza si cerul si pamantul.
Miracolul mirabilei seminte ce insuteste rodul pentru a hrani toate vietatile,miracolul captarii energiilor cosmice,stau in lumina jertfelnica a trudnicului  lucrator al pamantului.Tara...taran..tarina.
Mitul jertfei care sta la baza oricarei creatii,fie ea materiala ori spirituala,e incorporat in compozitia tabloului si poate fi descoperit de ochii unui privitor atent.
Tarina bogata in recolta,ce asteapta sa fie culeasa e simbolul unei jertfe la nivel cosmic pe care taranul roman o intelege si o apreciaza atunci cand,tinand painea in mana,o frange pentru a-si hrani pe cei dragi.
In spiritualitatea romaneasca,recolta nu ofera hrana doar trupului,ci si sufletului.

Ca urmas al dacilor,popor de agricultori care de 4000 de ani continua sa hraneasca  Europa cu rodul bogat al unui pamant plin de belsug si in calitate de artist,trudesc si eu pe campul artei si sper sa aduc putina caldura in sufletele dumneavoastra prin prisma acestui joc de culoare...

Descriere tehnică:

Tehnica - Ulei pe carton 30 x 40 cm .
Finalizat in anul 2015- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Lumea si societatea"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

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15 sept. 2015

Autumn evening

"Autumn evening"

Technical description:

Technique - Oil on plywood 60 x 50 cm.
Finished in year 2015- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan. 
This artwork comes from the "World and society" collection
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys -Nokte.
Available for sale
"Seara de toamna"

Descriere tehnica:
Tehnica - Ulei pe placaj 60 x 50 cm .
Finalizat în anul 2015- Bucharest.
Autor - Stoian Andrei Ștefan.
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Lumea si societatea"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte.
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