22 feb. 2014

Frederic Chopin

"Frédéric François Chopin"
(Born on: 22 February 1810 Decesed on: 17 Octomber 1849)

Author's description:
Description Eng:

"Frédéric Chopin, author of the Nocturnal and Moon Sonata ... painted in black and white, enveloped in the night of his romantic dream ...
Thought flies to the music poetry that drips notes in a vibrant rain of harmonic sounds. Reverted to the soul, they awaken sensitivity and make it open like a flower in front of the great mysteries.

Like Chopin brought the poetry into music, I also tried on this occasion to pay homage to the great composer of piano music from the romantic period."

Tehnical description:
Technique - Oil on cardboard 30 x 20cm.
Finished in year 2014- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan 
This artwork comes from the "Personalityes and people"Collection.
©  Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

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"Frédéric François Chopin"

(Nascut la: 22 Februarie 1810 Decedat la: 17 Octombrie 1849)

Descriere Autor:
"Frédéric Chopin,autorul Nocturnelor si al Sonatei Lunii...pictat in alb-negru,invaluit in noaptea propriului vis romantic...
Gandul imi zboara la poezia muzicii lui,care picura note intr-o ploaie vibranta de armonii sonore .Revarsate asupra sufletului ,ii trezesc sensibilitatea si il fac sa se deschida precum o floare in fata marilor mistere.
Asa precum Chopin a adus poezia in muzica,am incercat si eu cu aceasta ocazie sa-i aduc acest omagiu marelui compozitor de muzica pentru pian din perioada romantismului.
Descriere tehnică:

Tehnica - Ulei pe carton 30 x 20 cm .
Finalizat in anul 2014- Bucharest.
Author - Stoian Andrei Stefan
Aceasta lucrare provine din colectia "Oameni si personalitati"
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Nokte

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